Notice on Aid work.

19.07.2012 We welcome you in Tokyo to have your baby. Antenatal, labour and postnatal support.

J'espère supports pregnant women and new mothers who has evacuated to Tokyo on their own accord from the disaster area. Please contact the representatives of J'espère, Shoko So who will personally listen to your situation, related to pregnancy, birth and postnatal support and direct you to the best option for you in Tokyo.

If there are people who have evacuated from Fukushima pref. (including when done of their own accord) please contact Shoko So who is also a midwife and runs her own midwifery clinic.

We are able to introduce pregnant women who are the victims of the disasters to various clinics, university hospitals and general hospitals who will accept them at low cost, within the national insurance limit (around 420 thousand yen for labour) for labour and postnatal care. Of course Matsugaoka Josanin is also accepting such pregnant women within the insurance limit.

Please be aware that well-known hospitals with obstetrics unit in Tokyo will cost 650 thousand yen to 800 thousand yen and some will cost one million yen for you to go through labour there, which is a very large sum of money to be covered personally, especially for those who have evacuated separately, away from their husbands, who remained at home, hence covering the double cost of living. We also welcome for those in need of postnatal support.

Please do get in touch if you also know someone in the above situation who could benefit from our help.

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