08.11.2012 Asahi News Paper has reported our activity.
Asahi Newspaper

On the 8th of November, Asahi Newspaper's section "My View" (Watashi no shiten) told the story of Shoko So's aid activity.

In this section she commented " We have been receiving aids from companies such as SEIYU as well as donations from individuals but money alone does not lead to success in parenting aid projects. The most important part is the thoughtfulness towards pregnant women, mothers and babies coming from each individual in the community. Aid activity towards pregnant women and mothers leads to the recovery of society and a nurturing of the next generation also, hence it is one of the most important aspect that we all need to consider strongly" (Shoko So)

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27.08.2012 Activity of Kosodate-ship (Home Visiting Support) has been documented.
Yomiuri News paper

On 27th Aug, Kosodate-ship (Home Visiting Support) has been documented in "Kurashi" (Living/life) section in the Yomiuri News paper.

Ms Ito, a representative of Kosodate-ship, says, "The mothers are constantly making an effort to bring up babies in a difficult living situations full of compromises. They really need people who are there to listen" "There must be many who are unable to even attend our workshops" hence we have started visiting them in their homes since May 2012.

Representative of J'espère, Shoko So appeals, " For the mothers living in the disaster area to be able to bring up their children with feeling of security, there must be continuous support"

We are accepting donations from SEIYU casher donation box and from this website.

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07.08.2012 Aid activity; " Commune with Josanshi (Midwives)" has been documented.
Commune with Josanshi (Midwives)

On 7th August, "Commune with Josanshi" has been documented on the section; "Notice board for Aid Work; note of a reporter" in Yomiuri Newspaper.
The motto of the staff is "Let's be the sun of the mothers"

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26.06.2012 Tohoku Kosodate (Parenting) Project has been selected as the receiver of SEIYU Aid towards Community Service Activities year 2012.

Other than the aid we will be receiving from SEIYU, we have also been selected as the charity to hold "Casher Donation Box" in every SEIYU branch. Donations collected from the SEIYU donation boxes will be used for support aid work, such as parental counselling and home visit services towards mother victims living in the costal disaster area.

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Donation box at SEIYU cashers will be open from the 1st July. Light blue cards are for "Tohoku Kosodate (Parenting) Project". You can take this card with your shopping to the casher and make donation. We hope your warm support and thoughts are with us when shopping at SEIYU

Link to SEIYU "Program for Community Service Activity Year 2012"