NPO Baby Smile Ishinomaki (Ishinomaki city, Miyagi pref.)

We are an organisation based at Ishinomaki city in Miyagi pref. We have started our activity in order to re-obtain and provide play areas for children that has reduced drastically after the disaster. We hold events and workshops aimed for pregnant women up to mothers with children of pre-school age.

We have variety of activities in our workshops, such as physical exercise with music where mothers will move with the baby/children, Baby massage, Baby Sign, which are all aimed for health of mother and child in all levels. As a part of post-disaster care, we have workshops including "Heart care" and "Art therapy". We may also work together with the local government to provide seminars on aspects of parenting or about radiation.

Through our activities, we aim to build a support network in our community, in order to support birth and parenting locally.

Through the disaster, especially the families with pregnant women and or families with pre-school children has experienced the importance of being connected with the society in terms of being able to obtain important information as well as support. We have learned through our disaster the importance of connection between people. Hence would like to promote deeper connection between the parents and the community as this can be a great help during an emergency situation as well as to prevent situations such as child abuse arising from lonely isolated parent.

We will aim and work to rebuild our city through supporting parenting and connecting new lives so that Ishinomaki will be a place where everyone is able to bring up children in a safe happy environment.

NPO Baby Smile Ishinomaki, Representative Yumi Araki

Baby Smile Ishinomaki HP

Activity report

04.06.2013 "Smile Support Festival!! in Ishinomaki" has been held.

On Sunday 25th May, Haha-to-Ko Tohoku Project by Senshu kai and Baby Smile Ishinomaki together held "Smile Support Festival!! in Ishinomaki"

For further information on our event, please look at BELLE MAISON

10.05.2013 Baby Smile Ishinomaki Representative has been elected as a member of Ishinomaki city Child and Parenting Support Project Planning and Development Committee.
Ms Araki

Ms Araki, the representative of Baby Smile Ishinomaki (Photo Left) has been elected to be a member of Ishinomaki city Child and Parenting Support Project Planning and Development Committee. I will be fully involved in this committee and aim to build a family friendly city.

08. 04. 2013. Baby smile Ishinomaki has put forward a list of questions to be answered by the local MPs.

Baby smile Ishinomaki has put together questions about parenting support to be answered by the local MPs who are standing for the coming election of Ishinomaki city mayor.

25.12.2012 Baby Smile Ishinomaki Christmas Party
Baby Smile Ishinomaki Christmas Party

On the Christmas day, Baby Smile has held a Christmas party at Kouyou Community Center in Ishinomaki. 90 mothers with children attended the party, which made a total of over 190 people including our staff. It was a great party!